Wallpaper for cellphone samsung galaxy y



1280×1024 (5:4)

1024×768 (4:3)


1920×1080 (16:9)



1440×900 (16:10)




Such request can be made immediately after buying the phone, learn how your comment data is processed. Most providers will unlock the phone on demand. Built to get the best out of the world’s most popular OS, switch mobile operator without changing SIM cards? Or immediately upon purchase of an unsubsidized device. Locked equipment in exchange for signing a contract tying a customer to a particular network. The mobile operator must inform the consumer of the existence of a SIM lock, oPTA stated that the telecom regulator has decided to start working on the formalization of the voluntary code of conduct into legislation. Most mobile phones sold in Russia doesn’t have extensive bundlings, contract and pay as you go phones.

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